Up early. Wrote a letter to David Dworksi – not a masterpiece but at least I wrote it. Made 4 apple pies and read about Rich Ware’s grandfather. Called Sheldon who said he’d not been able to get a hold of Jim Brown but would be in touch tomorrow. Went to the Garretts to get a new box for their hanging candle. Went to the store to get the floater-loafer chair – Took the stuff to Norma Laub’s. She has a very attractive daughter who helped me out with it. Left ticket money. Got groceries + went to the Blvd. High spot of day. Went to see Anne Hall + she + Elaine were together. Big news is that a Boa constrictor is loose in the Boulevard!! 5′ long. A monkey let him out of his cage on Sunday + he can’t be found Incidental intelligence – if being crushed by a boa constrictor break a twig or a pencil or small piece of wood + he will let go as the snap makes him think he’s broken your spine, Elaine treated me to some fresh apple juice. Dick home + had large headstart in the drink department. TV. Chop suey + bed.