Diary – Wind blowing fiercely. Dick had a talk with Armando at about 5:30 AM. Armando didn’t go to work this morning as he felt pretty badly. I went grocery shopping with Ana early. Bought some veal to fix veal parmiagianna (sp?) for Dick Couldn’t get settled at anything. Am waiting for some word about the house. Great feeling of unease. Also unhappy with the Ana-Armando set up. couldn’t stay in the house. Went over to see Daisy at Wonder World and put my money in the slots machine + lost it. Went over to the Landmark and played 21 without any luck. Came home + Dick was drunk – had stopped with Jack at the bar next door. I fixed the veal Parmi – for dinner + he ate most of it. Les called + I told him there had been no word. Leon called + wanted me to get on to that letter to Dave I said I would. I will try. Watched some good TV + went to bed. Had a long conversation with Timmy this Am. He’s in a difficult – in between type mood. Suggested he make an appt with Doug as I think alot of it is caused by uncertainty.