Day began with a 6 am call for Ana from Paco. He + Armando both drunk in Bill’s trailer. Dick furious + Ana upset. Dick planning a heart to heart talk w/Armando as he does nothing around the place. We lay around + made love + looked at the papers. Dick made me an omelet for breakfast that was delicious. We went down to the store around noon. A very interesting day – the English couple from St. Louis Ave. came in – Ron + Joyce Davison except their real name is Praeger + he’s a diamond cutter. A Mrs. Apollon + husband Dave who’s a musician + who sat + talked with us for a long time. We exchanged an umbrella + base + a pot for a painting from Ben Isham – a deaf painter who was set up just outside the store. I selected the painting for a gift to Jack + Joyce as his style really wouldn’t go with our decor. The Plaza was pretty crowded. We did reasonable business but most of the day was just meeting nice people. We went to Jack + Joyce’s for dinner. Shirley’s horse is there in the corral they built for it. We had good dinner (except Dick wouldn’t eat) + played poker + drank. Joyce has started the low carbohydrate diet. Dick got a little drunk because of not eating + our evening ended on a faintly sour note but not too bad.

Liza called this am which was a lovely surprise.