Wild, wild wind.

Went over to the Boulevard + got my polaroid enlargements. Not too happy with them really. Looked at the needle work section in the Broadway. Some very attractive pieces. Got my special Delivery letter from Leon this AM with David Devorski’s address. Went to Wonder World + played the slot machine for almost 2 hours. Went way down + then hit a $50 + by the time I left I was ahead 2 or 3 dollars + Daisy had $7 in tips. Went to the Pant Tree + got another pr. of slacks and a blouse. Went to laundry and Safeway. Crazy story there about a lady who’d stood in line with a stocking over her head + robbed the cashier at the checkout stand. Got away with over $300.00! Came back the next night + tried the same thing but was caught. Nobody in the checkout line thought the stocking was odd!!!! Dick home + once more the chef. Barbecued ribs tonight. The first batch burned to a cinder (threatening the garbage at the same time) + he had to go get some more. Jack + Joyce came for dinner. We played poker first while the ribs cooked + then again after the dinner which was great. Dick + I were the big winners for a change. Armando didn’t come home again tonight.