Paid bills – Am Express – Exterminator – Ana’s Dr. Bills. Called a Mr. Evanson who’d left his name on the service + he turned out to be the Pastor of Southern Baptist Church on St. Louis. He was looking for an Elizabeth Cleveland. Had very nice talk. Called Avis on the off-off- chance they might have my theatre cal book. No luck. Called Mara Sullivan about ticket for luncheon. Went over to Wonder World + ran into Joyce. So we played the slots a little. Went to Vegas Village together I was pretty lucky but Joyce not at all. Went down to office next + made copies of Annabel’s papers. Then took them to her at Alice’s + stayed + visited with Alice for about an hour. Nice time. Dick fixed dinner tonight – Lobster tails in white wine – Heavenly. We drank our pint of vodka + then 2 bottles of wine. Had several alka seltzers + went to bed. No word yet from L.A.