A pretty good day Went over + got Wendy and then she took Ana + Jeffrey to the clinic. I called Sheldon Andelson who only got the papers yesterday!!! Good God. Got a call from Martha Johnson to go down to Juvenile this AM. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd + had a great time. Won the tongue twister – 10 seconds! – two tickets to Song of Norway. Good to see Anne + Eddy. Alice a little late. Elaine off to San Francisco but said she’d do something about Dean Coffin. I bought “Bury my heart at wounded knee” “The abortion” another copy of Fat City and a book by Ira Levin on sale, went to Juvenile and Mavis explained what they’ve been doing. (?) Gave Bill Fain the liquor I’ve been carrying around. Went to the office had lunch, bought “The chosen” + started it. Almost bought a dear little owl painted on enamel from the big + mostly crummy art exhibit in the mall. Went back to get it + it had been bought. Hélas. Went back to Juvenile + over to Child Haven. Saw Linda who taught me some new stitches. Then moseyed over to the Guild office at two to meet Annabel. I’d been supposed to be there at 1:00!! Don’t know how I’d gotten so screwed up. We got a little but not much done. A photographer from the R.J came + took pictures of us + Bill Fain + Norma Laub as “planning the luncheon at the Mesquite Club. None of us prepared + a big mixup. Went home + called D. Casey the Escrow officer to say I’d paid the house payment + that the rest of it was now out of my hands. did some desk work. The Store did another $600.00 mostly patio furniture. It did $700 yesterday Watched Academy awards – John Mills + [crossed out words] Helen Hayes for supporting – George C. Scott + Glenda Jackson best actors + Patton best movie. Spoke with Leon whose letter I got today + told him I’d flipped over the part of Oma.