Went out for groceries. gambled a little + lost – high winds + dust all day + scattered showers. Called Sheldon Andelson but he never called back Leon called to say he’d gotten the check was so relieved – “new lease” etc. He sent me a book “Fat City” which arrived this afternoon. Dave Dwarsky is producing + he said there’s a great part in it for me There certainly is – a real beaut. Wonder how he got on to it. I was all keyed up after reading it. Something I’d love to try. Will find out more tomorrow. Wendy called + isn’t working tomorrow so can take Ana to the clinic + that’s a relief. Mary + Les called to thank us for good  time but also I know because they wanted to know what if any repercussions from Lookout Mt. None so far + I don’t understand. We had 4 drinks + I took alka selzers + went to bed about ten o’clock Mother’s portraits arrived from Bachrach today, Just gorgeous + beautifully packed.