Oh god – what a day – Depressed as hell. Called Julia + left a message. Later called from the store + she said she’d send $10,000 to my acct. Have figured out that $6,000 for Leon will be the most we can go. $1500 for Timmy. Had wanted to talk with Shirley but she was busy + a little snippy “The insurance was filed under “I” for Insurance” and Dick was utterly oblivious to my concerns + I went into small [?]. As I left the office he said he’d see me back at the house around three + I said loudly + distinctly that I wasn’t going home. Would not be there til 5:00. Not loudly + distinctly enough however as when I came home at 5:20 Dick was in bed + in foul humor. Said I was supposed to be home 2 hours ago – blah, blah, blah. We were supposed to go out to dinner with Pat + Marge + Shirley + some Therapy Pool people. A business deal. Dick said I could go alone – he’d “had it” – I suggested he go alone as he was the person they wanted to see but then when he said no I got dressed + left. Got to Shirley’s + discovered neither of us had Pat’s address or (unlisted) phone number. Called the house back + Dick had left – Went to the office, called Pat + went over. Had a drink there + then on to the Landmark Put it all on Am Express. Crazy dinner. Pat got stoned snored at the head of the table + woke from time to time to say I was “touching his privates”! Very funny seeing I’d been so worried about the effect of Dick’s behavior on Pat! Shirley + I stayed on + played 21 – She left about 2:30. Dick came + dragged me home around 3:30 – Drunk. (me)