[crossed out letters] Dick took the VW to Howard Daviess’ for an overhaul today. I drove the olds. Spent the morning in the office and alot of the afternoon. We made reservations for the Folies. Came home to find a really ghastly mail. Long evasive letter from Herman Grayson who doesn’t really seem at all ready to sell any of the adjoining property. And a horrid note from Jim Brown to “Dear Mrs. Michels” – and I should address any questions or statements by mail. I was so thoroughly shaken by all this after the good deal he’s had. Dick furious + wanted to “throw him out” – Don’t really know what to do. Called Shirley who said we ought to put a demand on the escrow immediately. His letter more or less implied the wait could be indefinite despite his “diligent applications’ for a loan. Nice note from Annie + a letter to Dick from Larry. But the day ruined. Will have to call Julia for the money which really kills me.