Went to Valley Bank and got a signature card for Jack to sign too so that if we leave he + Shirley can sign the checks. Cashed a check + went down to the office. Dick drinking again + I was really bugged. Felt as if he was putting me down – after all I’m donating my time so the least he can do is his share. Blah Blah Blah. Pat Garrett came in and things are ghastly for them right now. Oh dear. Do any good guys win – ever? Went to American Auto for the car keys numbers + then went down + had some made – also for the VW. Went + got some needlework stuff at Sprouse Reitz and groceries. Came home + called Alice who got back Sunday night. Called Mary + they want to see the Folies at the Tropicana. Had a message from Dean Coffin in L.A. + he said he’d send the book on to his agent in New York. Told him I’d get some more background to him within the next week. Dick not too bad when he got home + I think we got a few things straightened out. Let’s hope.