Lee called Marlene’s father + they came over for Maple Syrup + then I went back to bed. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Lee left + went to Henderson. When I got up [crossed out letters] Dick had gone. Called Shirley about Ana + Armando’s income tax + then called Dick who brought home the computer + some vodka. Didn’t have any. Poor A + A – to correct their last year’s form + get everything straightened out is going to cost them $266.00 But Shirley feels it’s the only thing to do if they wish to stay here. I said I’d lend it to them. Shirley + I talked about where if anywhere we’d put a pool. Dick home – pretty smashed. Shirley left + we went over to J + J’s next thing Shirley appeared with the 3 younger children – Everyone smashed by then. Joyce fixed some strange barbecued pork and we went home by 8 o’clock. We called Daddy + said we were coming back for a visit very soon.