After breakfast I went over to the International for a while and played 21. Did nothing – neither good nor bad. Went down to the office and worked on the copy for the RBMI advertising man. Mine not much better than his. We decided to go for 50 spots at $120 instead of the 25. The Master Pool advertising guide book suggests saturation for radio. Came home + worked in library a little. Such a mess. Dick home with a pint felt we needed a drink. Not having eaten anything it went straight to my head. We had a dear letter from Aunt Dorree Marsh + a very sweet one from Sue who also sent the Crime Club books. We got started talking about the house + possibility of a pool. My main concern is that anything we do we plan so that future enlargements will not be jeopardized + that the place is all of a piece. We called Herman to ask about the adjoining property + he said he’d be in town next month. We called Ed + Casey + after dinner went over + had more to drink. Herman’s really pushing the 7 1/2 acres behind their house. We came home + called Jimmy Judge to get us a pint. Then a Lee Peck called, friend of Ethels daughter Arlene. We told him we could put him up. He came with 2 qts. of real maple syrup and a note from Arlene saying Daddy is “failing” which upset us both. A very drunk evening + we fought again. (Lee Peck was not in it as he doesn’t drink.)