Calley – decision – Calley guilty

All the Manson group drew the death sentence

Well indeed no drinking today. I sent off letters + stuff from Marie Wilkerson to Leon Dean Coffin may try to do something about the book. Was in the office most of the day. New helper named Terry – a little dim I’m afraid. Kept talking about how wrong the Calley decision is and I am not in agreement with him but I just turned off. KBMI guy was supposed to be in but had a penicillan reaction + didn’t make it Good business in the store today. The catalog seems to have helped enormously. I put $6,200 in the company acct. and then went over to the “Pant Tree” and bought 2 pairs of slacks and a lovely see through blouse. Came home. Dick not feeling too hot and was in bed almost as soon as supper was over. Dick called Leon this A.M. and said he wanted to spend two weeks with him. It’s sort of a wild idea but I think a good one for both of them.