April Fool’s day + so t’was – went down with Dick to the Showboat to pick up the car + then over to the office. Gave Dick $100 + went to the banks via Vegas Village where I played the slot machine and won another $100. Put 200 in my acct and 600 in our household acct. Picked up a few groceries + came home. Called Dr. Carter for Ana – the measles had been expected. At about 2 Shirley called to say that Dick had just won another $1100 Keno ticket at the Hacienda with John Painter + maybe I ought to get over there. I did like a flash but alas not really in time although I managed to get $300. But he’d taken $200 from the office. He was “partners” with John and all I can say John got the best of it. He didn’t keep Dick away from the 21 table or anything else + Dick was smashed – John’s investment was nothing + he left with $480.00 But that’s life + at least Dick won something. Had a little to eat at the Hacienda + we went home to bed. I called Leon to say there might be some delay with the money. – Dick said tonight that he’s going to stop drinking