Insane day – up + down again – Called Shirley + asked her to call the Escrow officer to say I wasn’t trying to back out but I did want the money as soon as possible – Dick said he was going to win $1100 at the Show boat playing the Keno ticket we tried with Scotty. He was sober altho we were both hungover. Left the house about 12:30. Went by Rohlman’s pool (very pretty + they’re very pleased.) went to pick up our refund from Tropicana which amounted to $42.47!!! Talk about screwing! Next stop Showboat where we had lunch and played our 10.80 Keno ticket. Didn’t have much money with us. I cashed a check for $20.00 all I had + finally we cashed the Tropicana check Dick had called Shirley [crossed out word] at the office + told her to bring down some money (200) even is she had to close the store. She came + two minutes later Dick won his $1100!!! Then he + Shirley played craps and Dick won on back to back 12’s!! Another 1200 between them. Crazy. all of us drinking but I kept squirreling away money and we paid back Shirley + the store + left with $800 in my bag. Ate at the Green Lantern + Shirley drove us home She was $220 ahead + is going to buy Linda a horse. How great! Jeffrey has measles.