Up early – wrote diary – got things together for the loan office for Dick. Dick stopped by + got [crossed out word] his ’67, ’68 tax returns and the ’70 partnership returns. Went to the office and went over the Escrow business with Shirley. She said Jim Brown couldn’t do it to me and called the Escrow officer in L.A. + said we wanted to put a demand on the escrow. Jim Brown called her (Shirley) + she repeated it to him. also suggested that as I was committed for the money he advance some of the $8,000 out of Escrow that’s there now. She said he was very unwilling to talk + unbending in attitude. I want the sale to go through but am beginning to see I have been played for a fish. Dick + I had nice steak dinner with artichokes. Drunk thanks to the low carbohydrate diet – but not horribly Alice called. her brother in Kansas died + she is going back for a while.