Well – Alice called early to see if I could go to a Board Meeting. Said I was stuck at the office – Got there + found Dick had been drinking. Oh hell. Furthermore I didn’t get one damn thing accomplished all day + Shirley couldn’t have spent more than an hour or two working on the taxes. Had lunch with her + Pat Garrett at the Macayo. Alice Turner in about [crossed out word] 4:00 – Marlene at 4:30 (Dentist). Went grocery shopping + took Alice to wig world but we didn’t find anything. Dick all upset (drunk) + threatening about Dazey’s pool. Came home + found he’d taken Ana + Jeffrey to the Doctor. Came back + yelled at me about Dazey + went off with Jack to collect the money. Came back an hour later. Didn’t eat dinner. Lay on the floor. talked with Clyde Schreiber who said he’d go by Liberty Circle tomorrow talked with George Hall, finally about 8:45 I fixed him some bacon and a few beans which he ate + went to bed. He said he’s getting scared + going to stop drinking but when, when, when? I got my notice from Great Western – The Lookout Mt. Mortgage notice. Called Jim Brown + found the escrow’s going to take another 15 days. Oh God – that’s the worst news yet.