Dick had left when I got up at 8:30 so I decided to go too. First + foremost to get cigarettes. Ana + Armando were painting + I told them I was going out for cigarettes + then to the office. Cashed a check for $20 which put me down to nothing and drove around. Didn’t go to the office as the more I thought about it the less I wanted to see Dick. Went to Wonderworld had coffee, visited with the change girl. Wandered around. Bought a Time magazine + read it. Went to office at noon. Dick not there. Bought a New Yorker + went to Tropicana for lunch Tuna salad. Sat in the car + read the New Yorker – Went down to the office. Marlene there. Dick hadn’t been in. I’d tried calling home 3 times but got the service each time + hung up. Finally did get him from the office + he hung up on me. Marlene called him with a message about the trailer. I got some Shasta + a pint of vodka + went home. Dick drunk + angry Said I was a horse’s ass etc etc. Horrid scene + I went back to the bedroom to get out of it. Finally around 8:30 – he called me out + told me Jeffrey was sick + what was I going to do. I spoke with Ana + went back to bedroom. Further summonses finally resulting in making up – Thank God