Went with Dick’s permission to the Landmark tower to play 21. Had Jim Brown’s check for $50 and another $25 – up + down Called home at 1 to say I’d like to stay longer. Did + ended up losers – Went to International to cash a check + lost that too. Came home after calling by 4 o’clock without a sou. Dick couldn’t have been nicer. He paid Ana for me and had the ribs cooking. The first drink I had hit me like a knockout drop as I hadn’t eated anything since one egg for breakfast. Bill Blackmer + Warren Long stopped by (+had a drink) + Jack + Joyce came over around 5:30. We ate outside + everything was lovely except that I was drinking too much. Dick suggested poker and we went inside. A while later I invited Armando to join us and that’s when the trouble began. Dick felt I shouldn’t have + he may be right. (the one thing I know he’s right about is I shouldn’t have done it drunk) After Armando went to bed Dick was furious I’d asked him to fix Armando a drink at one point + that did it. After J + J left – we got into a fight about reading + then Bill’s mss. I was going to call Jim Parsons. Dick ripped the phone out of the wall – I hit him. We both yelled + screamed – all of which was a (cont) sick sort of memory in the morning + hard to piece together.