Began the day with steamed clams! butter, mayonaise etc. all okay on this diet. Carbo hydrates must be kept under 55 grs a day – and calories must be watched but not as much as one might think. Poor Dick – everything he likes is out except for cheese + meat + booze. I called Bachrach this am + they’ll have the copies made + sent + will bill me! The keep the negatives on portraits that have been ordered forever! I went over the diet book with Ana + then down to the office by 9. Met Mike Fauci in the morning + finally learned about the swimming pool for Juvenile first hand. Dick had volunteered a [crossed out letters] slide but there won’t be any extra equipment on the pool so he donated the plumbing for $273.00 Is also donating a floater-loafer chair to the Bloomin luncheon. I called Norma Laub to tell her. Spent alot of the day reading “Second chance” – a collection of short stories by Louis Auchinchloss. Love them. Left at number? o’clock went by the castaways + played a little black jack. Won $15 and left Went to the bank + deposited $210_ Home. Watched TV and went to bed. Dick planning on setting up our barbecue tomorrow.