Stayed in the office library in early a.m. Had a surprise gift from David + Debbie – an Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine anthology out of the blue. Was so touched – the first time any of the children have ever done anything like that. Was driving to pick up Alice with stop at the bank when I saw a little old lady on the road – Tropicana just west of Pecos. Picked her up + found she was german, unable to express herself + wanted to go to the Tropicana Hotel for a bus. Took her as far as the bank + was going to take her downtown but while I was inside She discovered another ride + came rushing in to tell me. Felt very sorry about her. Had coffee with Alice + off to Guild meeting. Tedious + mystifying as regards the swimming pool. Meeting dragged on forever. And a board meeting after! Which I sat out in the waiting room. Took Alice home + went to the office made copies of all my letters etc. re Lion is busy. Marlene in by then so didn’t stay went to store to buy low carbohydrate supplies + came home. Such a pleasure to have Dick dieting.