New diet – low carbohydrate

Dick 187

Dick upset this am – weighed 187 + said he’d had it. I spent early morning paying bills – phone, Am. Express, M.P.S. Insurance on Bonita + for the VW. Tax penalty on Pecos, B. Daltons, Publisher’s clearing house, contribution to Channel 10 and the november check for Mr. Mendoza. Went to Valley Bank + deposited $600 – Went to Blvd + got pictures of Jack + Joyce. Took in portraits of Mother + Daddy to Homer’s + the man there told me to get in touch with Bachrach’s + see if they didn’t have the negatives as I’d be alot happier with them. I was very impressed + ordered 2 11 x 14’s of Daddy just because he’d been so honest. Got to the office by 11 o’clock Shirley leaving tomorrow for a Republican Convention on Lake Tahoe. I helped make out the payroll checks. We dug a pool today + the people next door wanted theirs dug too. Crazy + wonderful. Scotty called + I told him I was sorry I’d been so god awful. Dick came up with a low carbohydrate diet (drinks allowed) that Mr. Dazey gave him. I told him I’d go along with it. No grapefruits or fruit – really strange but if it works who cares. Went home + tried to explain the new regime to Ana. We called Leon + got him. He told me to get the papers on “The Lion – – ” copied as Dean Coffin might be able to do something.