Off – Diet –

Misspent Sabbath. Ed Kubick over early. Armando + Paco painting + staining + hacking down the pyrocantha bush in back of our bedroom. Dick made pancakes + sausages + we all had a bloody Mary. Went by Tim’s trailer sales + inspected the premises. Not so definite now. Went to the office + then to the Show boat where we played a weird Keno ticket together for $10.80 a throw. All lines up + down covered. Slow death. Lost at 21. Scotty winning on the slots. We cashed a household check. Suddenly I won $500.00 on a quarter slot machine. Bought back the check + had dinner. Scotty decided to change his flight back til the a.m. Dick went home with some money. We stayed + lost. Cashed check again lost. I was rude + drunk + disagreeable to Scotty. Went to the Dunes + cashed checks + lost more money. Came home in the wee hours. like 6 am – Oh god.