Up early. out pottering around – groceries etc. And then some slot machines without luck Home about 2:30 same time as Dick. We took a nap + then got bathed – Armando not home + Ana who was leaving at 7:30 was worried. Dick went to meet Scott at 5:45. He came laden with gifts including an expensive coat for Dick from Leon. cakes + cookies + nuts + olives and a lovely copper pot for us from him. We had a drink but everything was getting edgy because of Armando He finally arrived with Paco +, according to Ana, not drunk so all ended well. After boeuf bourgignonne we got changed for the outing. I put on my fancy white dress and my blonde Max Factor wig + looked quite strange + elegant. We called Jimmy Judge who didn’t recognize me + took us to the show boat. Very disappointed in the show. Shoddy + cheap. Our favorite comic no longer there. Played a little 21 + I won $41.00 Came home with Jimmy + bed by 10 o’clock.