Had early breakfast right after Dick left. Called Timmy who’d called yesterday – He’s all in a dither over his plans for Europe. Got to the office by nine o’clock. Shirley worked hard on our taxes all day. It’s going to take her 3 or 4 more I’d think. At lunch hour I went to Bank of Nevada + deposited $179 + to Bank of Las Vegas + put in $200.00 Also made a deposit for the store. Went to Post office + mailed off catalogues + samples to Newcomb + Ann + bought stamps. I wrote Sue this morning to say how sorry I was about Carl and to invite her to visit for a few days in late April – (with Dick’s approval.) Some funny calls today at the office including a Mr. Smith who was very nervous about the general changeover of salesman. He’d signed with Pat Sullivan at Nevada. I told him not to worry + that Nevada Pools would make him a lovely pool. When Jack finally got to the office at two he + Dick tore out the shelves in Pat’s office + generally cleaned up. Then off to the bar. I take such a dim view of that. Also I guess I resent spending my time at the office to free Shirley + not getting much cooperation from Dick But he doesn’t look or feel well + the booze is really getting to him Home at six. We watched TV + went to bed at 9 o’clock.