Had breakfast at 8 – Dick, Shirley John Painter off to Tim’s travel Sales to start escrow I was in the office by 9. Went through my 1967 tax returns and receipts + sorted out Peter’s expenses + mine. It was easier than I’d thought. Several leads came in. Pat Sullivan seems well able to handle the bunch. Shirley had several walk-in tax returns to attend to. Gene Devine in about next week’s add + in desperation decided to run the same one again – just hadn’t thought about it. Everyone had to go to the lawyer’s at 3 – Luckily Marlene came in so I could get away. Came + got Ana + took her + Jeffrey to see Oscar Goodman. He said if Ana knew of a lawyer in L.A. to try him by all means as he had no contacts + it would be a long plodding business for him. No charge. We stopped back at the office briefly and then came home via the Safeway. Showed Ana the pool on Pama. Shirley mentioned today that [crossed out letters] a friend of a friend of Linda’s [?] was pregnant + we asked her to look into the possibility of our adopting. Shirley called + found the baby was already placed. Dick home shortly after I got here. Had a letter from Sue that Carl had died on March 8th. Am so terribly sorry. Dick told me to call Bentley about a baby + said he wasn’t going to mention it again (as though he’s been working at it full time!) He was drunk again + pretty disagreeable – On the subject of Oscar Goodman + on any subject. I still don’t know anything about the new trailer business – will ask Shirley about it tomorrow I guess. Went to bed around 9.