Up early After Dick left I called Annie to see if she could come for the weekend. Alas no funds but nice chat. Called Avco for the amt. of insurance paid on Dick’s car loan. got together papers to take to the office – Was disappointed in weight as I’ve been very good + hadn’t gone down much – about 127 1/2 – four lbs. had breakfast + went to office. got there about 9:30 – some time before Shirley could get squared away enough to start work on our taxes Mr Tim has dropped the price of his trailer salas to $26,000 + Dick’s going to go for it. He saw Bill Rehn this morning + Bill said things looked very good + he should have something in a couple of days. (I’ll believe it when I see it.) Pat Sullivan the new salesman is an older man + seems extremely competent We may have a winner there. Two signed contracts today. Three leads came in today. One (a fourth) was a N.Y. Stage mgr. named Terry Little. We knew so many people in common. He’s building out here in June + I feel sure he’ll use us. Dick blew his top at me this morning because I got upset when I couldn’t find the plan a pool kits. As I was there in the first place so Shirley could figure out the financial mess we’re in That really got to me – I felt hideously depressed all day + had splitting headache. Wrote Timmy. Home at 5 o’clock. Dick home about 5:30 or 6 and drunk. Watched TV + went to bed early.