Ana feeling poorly + I discovered she’d been put on an ulcer diet one time in Salvador. That makes the coffee + grapefruit kick about the worst possible. Felt very guilty but how could I know. She had some malox + cambric tea + felt a bit better. We left the house about 10:30. Went to look at a pool on Pama + I fell in love with the house – what I could see of it next stop Grady’s on Pecos. Dick started the backwashing + then as a favor, we went over to see a filter on St. Louis for a very nice English couple named Davidson got to the store about one o’clock + I began working on income tax receipts etc. Dick went back out to Gradys. The Davidsons in about 3:00 + bought some equipment. After slogging along all day I came up with about $8,020.00 worth of deductions + that not counting Dick’s interests on loans etc Sad part is that we don’t need any deductions this year as the business is already too much! Went through Dick’s old checks with him + really got things squared away. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s for a drink + had nice roast beef dinner there. Their little dog Freddie is in very bad shape. I think because of the new puppy. I agree with Dick that they shouldn’t have dogs Oh well We came home + watched the end of Born Free + then a very little of “Quiller Memorandum” + went to bed. Exhausted. Did get something accomplished this last week. Although yesterday I got a letter from Marie Wilkerson who’s sending back my book neither Dell not Grossett want it – that’s it.