Mary Jean + Drue’s birthday.

Up about 6:30 – Wrote the town auditor of New London, wrote Doris Smith, Paid taxes on Pecos + Bonita + paid Terminix. Called Colby Who said to send on the bill – that they thought they’d paid but couldn’t be sure. Dick had nice french toast breakfast + then we went back to bed for a while. After he left Ana + I went to the Safeway for groceries. Came back + called Mary Jean to wish her Happy Birthday They’re having a dinner party tonight all served by the children. Drucy’s going out on her first date tonight. Mary Jean delighted with her new house on Roland Road. I gathered up great wads of old receipts etc + took them down to the office. Dick + I worked almost 3 1/2 hours going over the old Bonita receipts + totaling them up – Now have several cartons of paper reduced to one bulging folder + that’s an achievement. Got home about 5:30 Scotty called – a little tight. May come visit next weekend. Asked about Annie + I said we’d ask her too – Jack + Joyce over for a really good dinner – The lamb about the best I’ve tasted. We played Poker after. Armando not home until around 10 o’clock – perfectly sober had been playing pool. (should have called, though) Evening ended about 11. Dick a little drunk. I’d stuck to two small martini’s. Have lost about 4 lbs I guess. Dick has a new salesman named Pat Sullivan.