I’ve given considerable thought suddenly + abruptly to the closing line in yesterday’s entry. I don’t think it’s shaping up physically that’s really on my mind but buckling down + getting things done. I spent about 6 hours in the library today. First wrote two letters to Senators Lamb + Gibson re the Probation Subsidy Program for the Childrens’ Service guild + then, in the process of looking methodically for the papers on Bonita (Deed, Insurance policy tax bill, etc) I cleaned out Dick’s Desk + file cabinet + sorted papers etc. An ungodly mess + a very unnecessary one. But the results though not completely in are gratifying. Unfortunately found none of the papers required. Was on the phone to Shirley several times and was extremely upset when she said if we didn’t get another pool we’d be in trouble again Good God! Had a diet lunch with Ana. I’m down about 3 lbs and it’s going to take a month or so to get where I want to but I’m doing it slowly + right this time. Called Oscar Goodman + made an appointment for 4:00 Tuesday. I went down to the office + found we’d be overdrawn $1500 if we paid all our bills!!! Signed the loan papers for Dick. Tried to call someone named Michel But not in. Went shopping for groceries Home by six or so. Druscilla called + I called her right back. She + Mary Jean have a birthday tomorrow. Good long chat. She’s got 5 months in a cast coming up. We watched TV + had a liver dinner. Invited J + J for dinner tomorrow. Bed about ten. Co + Russell never paid the taxes for Alaria – it seems.