Diet –

Up early + typed stencil But my typewriter not good enough. Had to take it down later + redo it at the office. Before leaving, washed hair and went over script. Office in an uproar. Fratilla had been calling all our customers. Dick called Dave who said he’d talk to him. I’d underestimated the extent of Fratilla’s perfidy. Went out to Channel 5 to do the audio on the slide commercial. Was finished in about 40 minutes + thought it looked okay. Came home. Diet lunch with Ana. had planned to go to office + over to Dave’s but called instead. Shirley spoke to Tom Griswold + Fratilla had approached him. He doesn’t want to be sued so just possibly John won’t last there either. Spoke with Dave + Alice. Read a little. Went out for cigarettes + toothpaste. Dick home about 5:30. Had decided against going to the Swimming Pool association meeting. I spoke with a Mr. Carter earlier + liked him (has a pool contract with us.) We watched TV + stayed up til 11 o’clock to see our commercial. I was very disappointed in my voice thought it sounded breathy + unsupported + as though I smoked too much. Which I do. Soon I’ll be 40 years old and I’d better shape up.