We called Daddy at 7 am + had a good chat. He’s doing beautifully (except for “too much celebrating getting home last night.”) I wrote a letter to Mahlon Brown re the Probation subsidy program. My first draft really for the other senators whom I don’t know. Took a bath, spoke with Alice, went to Post office for Ana’s letter + to register another. We did the grocery shopping early. Went to office  where I borrowed $100.00. Had lunch at newsstand. The store not at all ready for photographs + I got a little uptight. Channel 5 photographer + Jack Gilday came at two. Decided on our sign as the signature slide. Took pictures of the little hut, of Dick, the pool, patio furniture, etc. Left by 3:30. John Fratilla has gone to work for Palace Pools. They’ll be sorry. We lost one of his leads to Nevada Pools + Dick thinks John gave it to them. Alice called to say the guild newsletter would be there for me to type – Eventually an hour late Norma Laub brought it by + My God it was a stencil which I’ve never done. Also incomplete – Home – Ana + Armando went out + we served ourselves. pleasant evening. Got the missing names through Alice Turner around 9:45. Dick timed me on the voice over for Channel 5 – works out perfectly Dick has decided to mortgage the house, pay off the loan + buy several used mobile units + start small. Thank God. That sounds great.