Dick off early. I caught up diary + pottered about. Called New London for Jimmy’s office phone no. Spoke with Ann Merrell + Daddy’s getting out of the hospital today Colby is there to pick him up. Called Jimmy who said he’d call back. He did + when I laid out the problem he said he’d call back again. He did + put a Kate Jackson on the line. I gave her all the information I had – evidently Jeffrey is no help to Ana + Armando until [crossed out words] he is 21 years old. Ana came over using her [crossed out letters] maiden name but when she discovered she was pregnant she + [crossed out letters] Armando got remarried in L.A. to save any problems with Jeffrey. Jimmy called back a third time about noon to say they have two alternatives. A bill by one of the Nevada Senators which will keep them here while its pending (but no help to them if they leave) or going back + trying to do it all on the up + up. Spoke with Dick who’d been drinking + he said he’d call Oscar Goodman. Called to say Oscar had handled several cases but wanted to discuss cost. Also re adoption Oscar had been advised not to get into any sort of personal-type adoption deals. Suggested we contact the obstetricians. I read John Keats [crossed out word] biography of Dorothy Parker all day Spoke with Shirley who said the trailer deal was an excellent one but that she didn’t think Dick could raise enough money on the house. I got very upset as I have all the Lookout Mt. money planned for + don’t want to sell more stock + Dick’s drinking and and and. Watched TV + didn’t discuss the matter in any depth.