I’d wanted to go to Alice’s to see Ralph Denton – a lawyer with alot of immigration experience but went to see Dave this morning instead – not too much help. Paid Ana’s hospital installment+ went by the office with the slides + script. Dick upset again with John Fratilla who’d taken $5.00 more out of the register. I went to the bank with the store deposits, did some shopping + then went to the Tropicana + lost $30.00 came home + Dick after all the talk of a new era was drunk. Oh hell. He wants to buy Tim’s Trailer Sales for $38,000.00 that would mean mortgaging the [crossed out word] house on Bonita which is our only security if Bill Rehn doesn’t come through with the money. (and I don’t think he will.) I told Dick I didn’t feel I could put any more money in a business but if he wants to do it [crossed out word] I won’t stand in his way. However I think + I said so that he’ll have to lay off the sauce completely or else he’ll wipe us out. John Fratilla went to jail today. They picked him up at his house on bad check charges. Shirley + Dave know that we weren’t about to stand bail + Dave said (Of Dick + me) “They’re a couple of suckers – they’ll bend) I think he’s in for a surprise + I only hope he doesn’t get stuck.

Tonight was the big Clay-Frazer heavyweight fight. Frazer won in the 15th round.