A day of no accomplishment whatsoever. Sat around in the morning talking with Ana + learned that Elda Muir had taken off with Joe Frazer the fighter last year. Interesting. Casey called + I went over to visit for awhile Took the pictures from the show + looked at the ones from New Year’s Eve. Ed came home + said “is Patience here?” Evidently newman was parked on the front door step! oddly touching. Went home a little after noon + had a roast beef sandwich + then went into the other room + read. Newsweek + “The Lodger.” Fell asleep about 4:45 + woke when Dick came in at 5:30. We gave Ana + Armando some money to go to the movies and we went to the Jungle Club for dinner and then to see “Julius Caesar” at the Cinerama. Excellent cast – John Gielgud, Charlton Heston, Richard Johnson, Jason Robards, Robert Vaughn + Richard Chamberlain. Was very disappointed in Jason Robards. Thought he was one dimensional + dull but the movie as a whole was really exciting + beautiful. Diana Rigg + Jill Wood (?) or something – excellent as Portia + Calpurnia. Dick loved it + remembered whole phrases afterward. So glad we went. Came home after one drink to find Ana + Armando hadn’t gone after all but they did go out for a pizza.