Dick off early. I went to work on my Bank of Nevada checks and sorted the Chemical Bank mail. What a mass of stuff Washed hair + went to pick up Alice Turner Took her by the church first – It’s been 7 months since Clesse died. Then we went to the Las Vegas Country Club luncheon for the University Musical Society. Sat at Harvey + Lillian Daiell’s table next to Alice and a very entertaining lady named Deena Wolfson. Hope I see her again. Sue Wynn there + said hello + Scotty Hawen. Thought it was a nice luncheon + I was interested in the speeches. We left about 2:30 – Had another cup of coffee at Alice’s + then went on to the office, dropping Alice off at Thrifty Mart. A Hassle on at the store as usual John Fratilla the prime mover as usual wanting to collect the commission on 10% down instead of waiting for the dig. Shirley called Guy Gagnon + nobody does that. Went to Vegas Village + won $10 + left. picked up 2-1/2 pints + came home via Sprouse Reitz – bought a pillow pattern (?!) Dick called from J + J’s + I went over – Had 3 drinks + came home crocked. What do they do to their drinks – My God. Chop suey for dinner + TV + a few more light drinks. Got to horsing around + I dragged Dick down the hall by his heels but Ana said it wasn’t fair as there were no obstacles in the hall! Bed at 9:30