Bit of a winding down today. Very cold + windy. Worked on next week’s ad. “A Master Pool is Fun. So live a little + join the Master Pool wetset. It’s legal in Clark County.” This in reference to all the brouhaha that’s been going on about legalizing prostitution in Clark County? Tacked on an old plan a pool kit ad and a few more words + it looked fine. Took it to the office about noon. Had lunch with Shirley who was in a bad humor but came out of it. John Fratilla is too much, too much, too much. I went to the Safeway for groceries + two M.O.’s for Ana. Ran into Nelda + gave her a ride home, stopping at the post office to register Ana’s letter + buy stamps. Went to Vegas Village to play the slot machine there + left $10 richer. bought two half-pints at the town pump + came home at 4:00 – Lay down + read a little Mrs. Davis called + said they were exhausted. They’d been to Boulder Dam, + The Boulevard today. And they’d had a lovely dinner at the Landmark last night. No time for circus-circus which was a shame She said she’d call Druscilla when she got back Dick + I watched TV, had stuffed peppers for dinner + went to bed at 9. Watched part of a very good movie but just couldn’t stay awake past 10 o’clock.

[crossed out letters]