We sweated out an early morning call from Co + Russell who were on standby for an 8:30 Delta flight but evidently they made it. Lay around in bed. Dick made pancakes + bacon + eggs for brunch. Mrs. Davis called + we said we’d pick her up in the lobby of Caesars’ at 2:30. Can’t remember feeling so tired. Must be L.A. too that’s catching up. Armando + Ana’s brother Paco started painting the house. Did the addition + the part where the closets are. I was very disappointed as they didn’t clean off the mud splatters on the tool shed + I think it looks terrible. Brought Marjorie + Martin + Alys back to the house They’d rented a cadillac so followed us home Mrs D. rode with Dick + me. They were very enthusiastic about the place + we had a pleasant but brief visit before taking them over to see a young couple named Goodman – Oscar + Carolyn (3090 Viking) Loved their house – especially the paintings + liked them a whole lot. He’s a lawyer They have two adopted children + he told Dick he’d look into the possibilities of adopting through a Doctor. We’re to call him on Weds. Had several drinks there. Highspot was right in the beginning when Dick’s trousers split, all the way down! Said good bye to the Broomes + Marjorie + went to T.J’s for a drink + a bottle. Went over to J + J’s Dick asked what the little white dog was + Jack said “he’s going to be a police dog.” Dick looked at the dog + said “[crossed out letter] you’d better be one now.” The dog turnover there is pretty rapid. Joyce angry when we wouldn’t have “one more drink” (after 6 or 7) Came home + had night cap with Ana, Nelda + Francisco + Armando – (the latter two pretty drunk)