Lillian Dale called to ask me to a luncheon.

Up reasonably early. Dick off to get paint for the outside of the house + brushes. I called Mary in L.A. Good talk + everything just fine. She may come up around Easter. I had a message from Ruth Conforte + called her but couldn’t make it this visit. Spoke with Carl Lagerquist who said he’d be by sometime soon to finish up the house. I paid bills – Electric, Telephone + Argus champion + then tried to get Co + Russell couldn’t. Called the office + was told Dick had gone to the Showboat. Couldn’t get him. Called J + J. Smashed. Was leaving when Dick called [crossed out letters] felt “lucky” + told me to bring a check. I did but we never used it. He was drunk + in a bad humor when I got there because he’d been ahead over a hundred + lost it. Went to office. I tried to get C + R to come away but it was an hour + a half before I could pry them loose. Just caught Dick at the office + we went to the Golden nugget for lunch. Played some after. Dick back to the office in a cab. I won about $80 + then took C + R back to the Show boat where I won $40.00 more so came home with what Dick had lost + quite a bit extra. Dick home a half hour of so after I was Had fallen asleep at the office. Perfect as he was rested + feeling better. Good mail. Dick’s horoscope at long last + fascinating. ripe old age etc. But extremely specific on early things. Letter from Annie with pictures, note from Luese (sad) Letter from Larry + letter from Cassie who’s coming out in May. Also first edition of the N.Y. American. Ham for dinner. Armando late + drunk – Ana not happy –