None too easy getting up managed about 9:30 but still a little drunk. It began to wear off with nice throbbing headache about noon. Dick home in between + very jovial – Talked with Russell + talked with Alice Turner. Went to the office about two to meet with Jack Gilday of Channel 5. We are going to advertise [crossed out letters] Funny meeting really as Shirley + I sat firmly on John Fratilla’s every suggestion. Left – that Jack Hodges is going to send the slides + visual material and I’ll do the voice over. Russell + Augie came by the store. Shirley took Russell over to the bank to cash $400 for him. Augie (whom I do not like very much) asked Dick if he could find him a whore call girl(?) so Dick obligingly called one of our latest pool customers who’d asked for the business. Oh dear. They left. I went over to Dave’s office + picked up my pictures + then to the Valley Bank to deposit $200 from Dick’s check. Went to the Safeway + bought some milk + juice + played a few quarters on the machine. Won $25 + $10 + left with $30 intact. Hugh sick all day. Dick + I picked up C + R + went to the Landmark tower for [crossed out word] dinner. 1 bottle of wine + no drinks. Lovely dinner. Played a little 21 after + then took C + R back to the Showboat Came home exhausted + went to sleep by midnight They’ve changed plans + are staying over.