Went out with Ana + Jeffrey to do the shopping at 8 o’clock. We had coffee + were home by 9:30 Dick back + in a snit because there was no white bread. Oh dear Ana + I made the boeuf bourgignonne + set the table for tonight + then I took off having promised Dick to be at the office by 11:45. I was, too Meanwhile had spoken with Russell + had changed dinner at our house to tonight. Jack had started the Michelburgers pool + then Mrs. Michelburger refused to give them the pool sweep head – said she didn’t know anything about it. Jack has the hoses etc so the pool sweep can’t run but still! Called Dave about a lien + put in a call to the contractors’ board. Dick Shirley + I went + had lunch at the Showboat with Colby. They returned to the office + Co + I played 21 I stayed about even Went way down but then came back up + tore up the check I’d cashed. Home at 6. Co + Russell, Hugh, Evelyn + Augie Came about 45 minutes later. We had drinks + crackers + cheese, did the tour of the house – Jeffrey the main attraction and then had dinner. Very good. Guess we’d all had more to drink than we thought. Certainly I did. I went back to the Showboat with Co + Russell + lost $250. Russell + Hugh put me in a cab at 4:30 am.