Caught up diary. Got a call from Shirley trying to find Dick More trouble with the Michelburgers + Mr. Kenner of the Contractors’ board wanted to see Dick. I went to the job down on Pecos near Desert Inn. They’d just poured the Deck + Dick was helping Tony. Said he’d be damned if he’d lose the deck + would try to make it at two. Called Shirley – called Mr. Kenner. Dick home for a sandwich + off again. I went to the showboat to see Co + Russell at 1:00. Played a little 21 + won $35. Went to the office at 2 + met Mr. Kenner. Seems pleasant enough. I guess they’re all sick to death of the Michelburgers. I called Dee Koch about them earlier + she said they were the sort of people who got up every day + shook hands with each other saying in unison “Nobody will screw us today.” They haven’t the money for the final payment + want a note on it. Shirley + Dick told Kenner we would start up the pool but hold the pool sweep head until the final payment But we’d lend them a vaccuum in the meantime what could be fairer than that? By the end of the afternoon this was apparently agreed upon. Mrs. Michelburgers registered letters to Shirley could be grounds for a libel suit – Dick’s “Drinking problem” – failure to perform etc – ! They happen to have a very pretty pool. I went + saw Russell + Co for another hour + then came home. Dick at J + J’s but home soon after. TV + bed