Woke up early. Wrote letter to Annie + a long letter to Rich enclosing a few pages of Simply John. (there only are a few pages!) Back to bed + made love. Spent morning with Bills. Hayes, Western Union, Reader’s digest – Aftra statement and very detailed forms on Escrow instructions. Went to see Alice Turner briefly + then to the office. Got stuff there that has to be notarized too. Went to the Bonanza Apts. (110 E. Bonanza) to see Lee Sholem but he wasn’t there + I couldn’t wait. Over to Dave’s + got everything notarized + signed the lien-release on Saundra Davis. Safeway + bought $80 M.O. for – Ana + the groceries P.O. + sent M.O. registered + Escrow instructions airmail. Back to office but Dick had left John Fratilla was talking with a TV ad salesman. Had made the appt without so much as consulting Dick. Told Shirley to tell him I was furious. The Michelburgers – May their measley little souls shrivel + wither – making more trouble. Sent two registered letters to Shirley + Dick but neither one there to sign. No drinking today + we had a very nice quiet evening with good dinner + good TV. and a couple of drinks. Evelyn Reveley called, Russell’s sister they came in today. Do think Colby could have called or written. I left the “Dead End” pictures at Dave’s office for Mary to “show him [crossed out letters] how Carl remodeled our kitchen!”