Our 2nd anniversary

Our 4th Anniversary –

We were up about 5:30 – Had coffee, ran lines + got almost all packed. Got to the studio at a little after seven. Everyone else was late so we had to wait around a bit. Showed Dick over the set. Changed + makeup + hair. Dick interested + everyone liked him. He took some very good pictures which was fun. at one point Norman opened the icebox door + the whole bottom shelf came toppling out. Dick laughed so hard he had to go to the other end of the stage. Everyone broke up. Lee Sholem + Les + Norman all talked with Dick at some length. The scenes went well + pretty quickly. We were out (+remade up) by noon. Saw Adele Claire who’d come in for the next one. Dr. Gockle told Dick that Norm + I were the best downbeat cast he’d seen in 425 episodes! That I didn’t try to look pretty like most actresses blah blah blah Back to the hotel to finish packing + check out. Only 1 elevator working + an Army-navy band trying to pile on to the other one. Went to Leon’s. Had lunch at Frascati’s. Went to reading. Saw Freddie Holiday + wife Nancy, Allen Oppenheimer + Murray McLeod. Not happy with my reading – flat. 2 men + a woman scene. Could have been (should) funny. Wasn’t. Back to Leon’s office feeling let down. We left at 4:20 + beat all the traffic to Burbank. Had a drink there. Dick called Jack + we juggled our bags + bundles like a couple of Oakies. Fast flight – 35 minutes! Jack met us – his birthday + we went to J + J’s for a drink I gave him his robe. Home at 8:30. Ana made us a sandwich. We had a night cap + fell into bed.