Lovely leisurely day – love + coffee + reading + napping. Talked with Scotty at the front desk but didn’t see anyone today. Went out + walked down H’wood Blvd. Toyed with the idea of a movie but didn’t go. Had lunch at Diamond Jim’s. And wine. Went to the Hollywood Wax Museum + had a good time. The chamber of Horrors spooky. Went to the Roosevelt bar + had a couple of drinks + then went upstairs. Dick went over my lines with me several times which was a big help. He called Jack to say he’d be in tomorrow night. We napped + read + had a lovely dinner in the hotel dining room. Got my thermos filled with coffee + took it + a piece of cheesecake up to our room. Dick went over my lines again with me until I felt very secure + then we went to sleep. It’s been such a lovely weekend.