Had coffee + fruit + sweet rolls then back to sleep + love making. Lovely relaxed morning. I’d bought a bar-caddy for Dick + he loved it. We invited Leon, Scotty + Timmy to dinner tonight at the Islander. Timmy at first couldn’t make it but when we joined him for lunch at “The Magic Pan” in Beverly Hills his engagement had been cancelled + he could. Nice lunch with wine – a carafe + a half of rosé. Back to the hotel + to the London Shop where Dick bought a stunning pair of $40.00 oxblood shoes + we found a very good looking summer bath robe for Jack’s birthday. Went up to the room + read. Dick reading “The Hot Rock” by Donald Westlake + hysterical over it. We napped for a while then met Scotty + picked up Timmy + went to Leon’s. Dean Coffin there. Author of a traffic court novel called “under The Robe” we were very impressed with him + furthermore I liked his very obvious loyalty to Leon. There may be alot of money in this for them both. Oh God I hope so. He also said he’d like to help me and I told him to talk with Leon. We all had a drink together + then after he left one more + then on to the Islander. Oh dear. funny ghastly evening. Scotty pretty crocked + saying “Boy!” + “Garcon” – etc. We each had 3 drinks Timmy + Scotty martinis + the rest of us mai-tais. Dick had a 4th but nobody else. The check came to $75.00 – with tip $90.00 Yikes. Took Timmy home then Leon + then Scotty who kept wanting to get out of the car. It was only 10 o’clock but Dick + I went straight to bed.