Talked with Dick at 6:30 [crossed out words] he was coming in tonight. 7:30 call. Got there at 7:15 – makeup + wig + ready by 8:20. Funny stories from Eve. She + Les + Flo are a delight. Did small scene in hospital. Norman + Jonathan had a huge scene which they did beautifully. Was out + remade-up by 11:30. Went over to Jim Brown’s office on Wilshire. No trouble about any of the changes. Talked with Bill who called while I was there. Got to Leon’s at 1 – waited a bit + looked at script. We ate at Roy Roger’s Roast Beef (à la Arby’s) + then went to the bank. His note due Feb. 9th they couldn’t renew for another year. I told him to tell the man he could pay it in full on April 15th. All settled. Went to see Maxine Anderson. I didn’t want to Leon insisting. She said they’d been talking about me yesterday + gave me an appt for Monday at 3. Both she + Trudy very cordial. Back to hotel. worked on script, read + napped. Got to Leon’s at 6. He + Magda a few minutes later. Carted the stuff upstairs. Enough for several armies. Bill Tregoe came first, then Scott, Virginia Martindale + at 7:30 – Dick appeared. He’d taken a 5 o’clock plane + I was worried but it was all small delays. We had a lovely funny evening. Quiet. Major event was the lighting of the log in Leon’s fire place near asphyxiation for us all. Party broke up about 11 when Dick dragged me away. Virginia had left. I felt guilty leaving the clean up for Magda but we had done some of it before + Bill stayed to help. Dick brought his polaroid + we got two good pictures. The rest pretty dark.