Woke at 3 am + again at 5:45 – Stayed up + caught up diary + looked at Script. Magda called at 7:30 + we made plans for dinner Friday. The liquor will be my lookout + she’ll do the dinner. I talked with Dick + I called Timmy + made date for tonight. Got to Family Films early. They put on age makeup (Les) + fixed the wig perfectly [crossed out word] (Eve). I really looked horribly great. The director Lee Sholem was delighted and so was I. The sets great – the whole thing looks like Jean, Nevada only not as cosmopolitan. Had hope to be out before lunch but they shot in a different sequence so didn’t leave the set til almost three. Norman Alden playing my husband, Jonathan Lippe the Pastor. Richard O’Brian the Salesman, Majel Barrett playing Gail and Stanley Livingstone of My 3 Sons playing Dave. Lovely place to work despite physical inconveniences. Dr. Gockle the lutheran minister in charge (from a divine distance). Had lunch in costume + makeup at an Orange Julius. Ate with Norman + Majel. When I’d finished Les put on a nice makeup for me + I went back to the hotel. Called Leon + we decided to meet tomorrow I took a nap after looking a little at my script. Went to Liquor Locker + bought everything for tomorrow night plus a qt of vodka + one of bourbon for Timmy. Called Dick from Timmy’s + once again he was drunk – said he wasn’t going to come until Sat. morning. As the party was largely for him – it bugged me. Spoke with Jim Brown + made appt for tomorrow morning. Nice time w/Timmy. Told him I’d give him the money to go to the South of France. Left at 9:20 – back to the hotel + discovered I’d left my script at Timmy’s. Had to go back. Bed at 11:30