Up at 6 – finished packing – typewriter + papers in case there’s a chance to get anything done. Old shoes – all sorts of odds + ends. Washed hair – Dick went to office. Had breakfast. Left  $15 with Ana + Armando. Talked with Shirley Airport at 9:40. Played a slot machine + got on plane. Ridiculous business with Hertz – put luggage in car then found ignition key wouldn’t fit. Trotted back to Hertz + got new car + keys. Rushed back except luggage now locked in other car. Rushed back to get keys for first car again some 15 or 20 minutes lost in this inanity. Drove in + went to second hand clothing store. Bought a blouse + skirt + dress for $5.15 Went to Family Films. Wardrobe lady not there. Had lunch + went back at 2:30. Tried on a few things – Skirt + blouse will work tomorrow + Friday. Director Lee Sholem Didn’t look too happy with me but I think it will work out. Went to Leon’s and then we went over to see Bert Remsen at Desilou Gower. He looks so much the same despite limp + cane + we had a good time. Saw Irving Landi + then stopped by Hugo’s to pick up a baby roast beef + went to Leon’s via office. We’re going to have a party at Leon’s Friday. Virginia Martindale, Bill + Magda + Scotty Leon’s financial situation precarious. Called Dick at 7 o’clock + he was smashed but home + about to have dinner. I got to the hotel at 9:30. Saw Scotty filled my thermos + had 1 drink at bar. bed at 10