Busy day – went to the Valley Bank + deposited $250 + $113 in the bank of Nevada. Went to cleaners + laundry + bought groceries for the whole week. Bought a money order for Ana + took it to the Post office. Took the $400.00 Dick had lent Ana’s brother + brought it back to the office. Had lunch at the office – Went to the Show boat to make reservation for Augie Woeltz played some 21 + lost. Went to Dazey Travel Service to pick up ticket. Drove in driveway at home the same time Dick did. We had stuffed peppers for dinner. I tried to get packed – Am too fat for my very old clothes. Asked Ana if I could look through hers + oddly enough they were all tight on me although I’m taller + thinner. I’m also broader through the shoulders + back. Dick wanted to buy something for me “I don’t want you wearing somebody else’s clothes, Punkin” – tried to explain about the part but didn’t get through – Bed about 9:30 –